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Shop Local Ephrata

Why should I support local business?

Shopping locally is not only more convenient, it also helps support our schools, hospitals, roads, parks and other necessary services. Sales tax revenues provide the City of Ephrata income to support General Fund operations such as public safety (fire, ambulance, police), quality of life functions (parks, recreation, library), and administrative activities (elections, finance & administration, public outreach). These services are in direct support of our residents and those that visit our community.

What can I do?

While we may not be able to do much on a national level, we can make an impact locally. The fastest way to shut down our local economy is to quit spending. When we quit spending, whether at a local gift shop or a local restaurant, we stop the circulation of money in our economy. When the gift shop, the hotels, or the café loses money, they let employees go. That employee no longer has an income, so now they can’t spend money, which then hurts even more businesses.  Eventually, there will be no money circulating in our local economy. That means fewer businesses, fewer jobs and fewer services for you.

Put simply, when you shop Ephrata, you:

  1. Keep dollars in our economy
  2. Create local jobs
  3. Conserve tax dollars
  4. Invest in entrepreneurship
  5. Make Ephrata and our businesses a destination

Vow to keep our business community strong

Individuals are the only ones who can truly affect the local economy. We are in control. We must make it our priority to protect our economy by supporting our local businesses. Not only retail, but service and industrial as well. This is the only thing that can keep us safe from problems currently facing many other areas of the nation.